Pet Nannies At Stone Tavern Farm
Welcome to Pet Nannies. We are located on a small farm in Sudbury, MA that is owned by the Stone family.

At Pet Nannies, dogs play together outside in a 75 by 110 foot fenced in enclosure. During inclement weather they play in a large carriage house that has been specially outfitted for them.

We welcome dogs of all breeds and sizes. Dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations, and be neutered by one year of age. Before a dog is accepted into the group there will be an initial play session to see how the dog behaves.

We offer a safe environment for your dog to come and play outdoors Monday through Friday 7am- 1pm . Dogs are under constant supervision by our canine knowledgeable staff. Come check us

View article written in the local Sudbury newspaper.

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